We’ve reached the final days of Linktober, and I debated on posting this week, but in the spirit of collecting things week by week of the challenge I decided to. Be on the lookout for a post early next week with the final days of Linktober. I hope that everyone has been enjoying themselves!

This weeks prompters were: NPC, Ganon/Ganondorf, Dream, Zelda, Treasure, Diety, and Horror/Fear. So without further adieu let’s jump right in!

Day 22 found artists thinking about the various “NPCs” that we’ve encountered in various Zelda games. elven_ariaera on Instagram gave us some love from Phantom Hourglass! I love the marker work here. The colors are so vibrant!

Day 23 we faced the big bad himself, “Ganon/Ganondorf.” I really love catman4fr on Instagram’s humorous take on the prompt! Poor guy is just a little dehydrated.

On day 24 we were all living out a “Dream.” pickledrawsstuff on Instagram gave us a more somber take on the prompt. We see Link and Aryll’s grandmother dreaming of them to return home safely. This part in The Wind Waker still breaks my heart. What about you?

Day 25 was dedicated to the Princess herself, “Zelda.” Esther, @estmorzel on Twitter gave us such a beautiful take on the prompt of our favorite princess. I love that we’re seeing more love for Hyrule Warriors Zelda! Such a great game and amazing artwork!!

Day 26 we went on a “Treasure” hunt! For this prompt I chose to do the Monster Chest from Breath of the Wild! Personally I’ve been enjoying doing glowing effects on my artwork this Linktober.

Day 27 saw us saying a prayer to the different “Diety” that are found in the Zelda series. Zelda1fan on Instagram took a really gorgeous take with the prompt! I love all of these colors together!

And finally to wrap out the week, day 28 say us taking on “Horrors/Fears.” What a great prompt as Halloween approaches next week. mr. azul on Instagram gave us a piece from Skyward Sword depicting a room from the dungeon, Ancient Cistern. I really loved this dungeon, but when I got to this room for the first time it certainly put some fear into my heart.

And there you have it! Another week of Linktober artwork! What was your favorite piece from this week’s roundup? There’s still a few days left to participate! Be sure to tag your artwork on Instagram and Twitter with the #artistsoflegend tag! Have a great weekend everyone! See you for the final days next week.


Cover Photo by: reynelee on Instagram


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