Majora’s Mask has inspired many artistic fans to undertake projects based around the game’s iconic masks. Last week, German artist Christiane Göhring launched a Kickstarter campaign for her amazing Majora’s Mask replicas. With a goal of about $2,246 USD, the campaign will fund the creation of Majora’s Mask replicas that will be sent to backers. The different reward tiers will determine the type of replica each backer will receive, from fully finished masks, to unpainted masks, to raw casts for backers to make their own masks.

The project’s campaign video and overview shows off one of Göhring’s amazing Majora’s Mask replicas. The artist uses polymer clay as a base, coloring the 43 x 38 x 7 cm mask with acrylic paint and varnishing it with semi-gloss transparent coating. The craftsmanship and detail of these masks are absolutely amazing; they are certainly something many fans would like to get their hands on. This is why Göhring set up this Kickstarter as a chance for fans to get a hold of their own Majora’s Mask.

Fans can pledge over $5 USD to show their support for this project and Göhring’s continued work. The campaign then offers three reward tiers for backers who want their own masks, depending on the type of mask. Göhring writes:

“Whether you want a painted mask, ready to be hung on your wall, or the plain white base for you to get creative yourself – anything is possible!
-“I want to make my own mask”: you’ll get an unpolished cast of the mask without primer or paint.
-“I want to paint my own mask”: you’ll get a polished and primed version ready to be painted on.
-“Just give me the ready mask”: you’ll get a completely finished mask.

The artist will also include a manual for the polishing, priming, and painting of the masks. The reward tiers are rather pricey, ranging from about $100 to about $250 USD, but there’s no doubting the quality of these replicas.

The campaign will run for the next 20 days and can be found here. If you want your own Majora’s Mask, this campaign is fantastic chance to do so. You’d also be supporting the work of an amazing artist.

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