102479702French artist Vadu Amka recreated a Zelda GameCube, customizing the console and controller in the art style of Wind Waker. The detail and art of this design is stunning, resembling a Hylian design but also custom to a unique Wind Waker look. Hit the jump to see more of Amka’s project!







The detail is incredible; the entire console is very Hylian-esque, even the joystick ports have Hylian letters written above it! Amka’s creation was mostly done with paint, crafting the console to suit the style of Wind Waker for the GameCube. It isn’t for sale, but it is just remarkable to look at!

Vadu Amka also created other projects, including a Half-Life inspired Dreamcast and a Walking Dead Xbox 360. All are incredible designs. Be sure to check out his website to see the photos!

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Source: Vadu Amka (via Kotaku)

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