The musical theme of a dungeon usually does one of several key things. First, a dungeon theme might help ground the player in the location or region the dungeon is found in, giving him or her a flavor or general feel of the area. Second, the theme might ooze a feeling of mystery or intrigue that makes the player want to explore the location more thoroughly. Third, the theme might conjure an air of foreboding or danger, one that helps give the player a sense of urgency or awareness of the stakes of your mission.

This cover of the Vah Naboris theme from Breath of the Wild by Vetrom hits all three boxes. The synthesized strings along with a sound that strongly resembles the traditional Mizmār (a reed instrument from Egypt and other areas around the region) give the arrangement a very distinct middle-eastern sound that grounds you in the Gerudo culture and landscapes, while also giving you that sense of mystery and foreboding that is required for a dungeon.

What I love about this rendition of Vah Naboris’s theme is that it presents a tone and style of music that is very different from many of the grand, orchestrated songs in the Zelda series, as well as the more traditionally Japanese influenced tracks. In the Breath of the Wild soundtrack, the harsh but beautiful lands of the Gerudo have a very distinct musical identity, one that Vetrom is able to capture with this arrangement.

What do you think of this rendition of the Vah Naboris dungeon theme? Let us know in the comments below!

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