Before anyone says it, no it’s not the Majora’s Mask itself that is present in the shop in what appeared to be initially an easter egg. He said as much in a fan question about Majora’s Mask 3D, where he wouldn’t necessarily elaborate on if that title would come, but mentioned that something related to the game is in A Link Between Worlds. Speculation is only further growing thanks to what you are seeing to the left – a blown up part of one of the new pieces of official art released today. These fine folks are from *spoiler warning* Lorule *end spoiler warning*.

They are wearing masks and one of them seems to give off a particular “Deku” like vibe to it. Whether this is connected to Eiji Aonuma’s remarks or not, some are using this to speculate that the second land in

A Link Between Worlds is indeed linked in some fashion to Majora’s Mask. While Majora’s Mask takes place on a separate timeline, that doesn’t necessarily mean Termina doesn’t exist on all three planes, simply that it hasn’t been discovered yet. It could also be an alternate dimension, where the Moon did fall on Clock Town. It could also mean absolutely nothing. Heck, maybe the Happy Mask Salesman returns? Who knows! But if I know our fans like I think I do, one of the first things they are going to do is search for whatever Eiji Aonuma is talking about on the 22nd of November!

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