MMsaveIn the wake of the news that Majora’s Mask will be remade for the 3DS, Eiji Aonuma has posted his thoughts over on Miiverse. Although he might not be able to reveal too much for the time being, he spared some insight regrading the development and features of Majora’s Mask 3D. Click the jump for further discussion and Aonuma’s Miiverse post.


The post reveals that work on Majora’s Mask 3D began as soon as Ocarina of Time 3D was finished. Hopefully this means that they are far enough along that the release date won’t be pushed back. Aonuma is clearly eager to share, mentioning all the times when he couldn’t answer fans’ questions about the game. Further, he promises to give us more information as the release date gets closer.

Most interesting to me, is that Aonuma highlights the smoother gameplay and specifically asks people who gave up on the original game to give it another go. What this indicates is that the parts people found most annoying, (like the save mechanism, as others have pointed out) have been changed, while trying to preserve the unique look and feel of the game.

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Source: Miiverse

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