DQkJd1XlA few weeks back Famitsu Magazine gave us the first review of Hyrule Warriors, with all four reviewers scoring the game as a 9/10, which gave it a collect review score of 36/40. We now have our second review, this one coming from Anime Globe, and they didn’t have the same attitude about the game.

The review itself doesn’t go into great detail, but it does praise both the Adventure Mode, as well as the games great soundtrack. The reviewer stated that if you are a fan of beat’em ups, or the Dynasty Warriors series, than you’ll likely enjoy Hyrule Warriors. However, if you aren’t a fan of that genre, you might be better off skipping Hyrule Warriors.

While the game is a very enjoyable title, as expected, it is aimed for both fans of the Musou genre and the Legend of Zelda franchise. I would only recommend the game if you’re at least a fan of the beat’em up genre as the core gameplay will feel very repetitive otherwise. If you don’t enjoy the genre but are passionate about the franchise, you should just wait for the upcoming main Legend of Zelda title coming next year.

Source: Anime Globe

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