The First Review of Hyrule Warriors from Famitsu

Adventure-ModeIt’s no secret that Dynasty Warriors is one of Japan’s hottest sellers while Zelda has been struggling to keep ground there for a long time. Now the two series are getting together for a crossover extravaganza. But how exactly does the game fare in the eyes of Japanese gamers?

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Thanks to the wonderful translators at Nintendo Everything, we have been able to enjoy a stream of translated new each week from magazine Famitsu. As the Hyrule Warriors time in the magazine comes to a close, the game is now in the hands of four reviewers. So what did they have to say?

“Seriously. It’s “Warriors” and “Zelda”. You got the action of “Warriors” and the charming worlds of “Zelda”, and it sounds too fun! The foundation of the gameplay is definitely “Warriors”-based, and although there is a lack of puzzle-solving, the two works are fused together so nicely and truly became a top-quality means of entertainment. In Adventure Mode, you move around and solve puzzles in the style of the original 8-bit Zelda. In Hyrule Warriors, you will enjoy a great combination of both freshness and nostalgia, and that is a very good thing.”
-Yoshida: 9

While not destroying the world of Zelda, the action has been modeled after the “Warriors” series and it is exhilarating. You will be firmly placed in the battle, which is also good. Fans will smile at the small details which can be found here and there, and it is good. The soundtrack is arranged in a familiar “Warriors”-series style, and the feeling is very uplifting. I also feel great during each mission because the checkpoint system treats you very kindly if you fail.
-Jigoro: 9

“The Legend of Zelda” has a history and is receiving a secondary creation, and the final product is a winning combination. Deriving from the “Warriors” series, you are a lone commanding officer and are seeing the perspective of two armies battling, and you feel the scale that I think extends to the power of a country like Hyrule. As it is a transition from established puzzle solving system into chaotic action, I accepted Hyrule Warriors as a fresh interpretation. Since both products are separately masterpieces, I was expecting their combination to be more than a masterpiece.
-Namuko: 9

The peculiar puzzle elements of Zelda are basically non-existent, but the tempo of the action is great and can be enjoyed comfortably. You are dropped in the system of “Warriors” but in the world of “Zelda”, and it’s so amazing that there is no discomfort in this combination. The game feels easier than Dynasty Warriors” or “Samurai Warriors” so it is easy to play. When locking on with z-targeting, for example, it helps make the boss encounters considerably like the Zelda series. The smiles of Zelda fans are going to be numerous!
-Bunbunmaru: 9

Together, these reviews made for a final score of 36/40.

As was expected, this game is looking to be satisfying fans of both Zelda and Dynasty Warriors all around. It will be providing the world, characters, and aesthetic elements of all that is Zelda, but the extravagant battles of the Dynasty Warriors franchise possibly lacking a lot of the tedious nature of games thanks to Nintendo, “easing” on players.

However; don’t expect American reviewers to be as generous to this game; as the Dynasty Warriors series has not had particularly glowing reception here in the states.

So what do you think of these scores? Do you feel even more excited to see more on Hyrule Warriors in the coming weeks? The game will be out in Japan on August 14, and you can bet clips will be uploaded for all the world to see.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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    It’s ok Skull Kid is playable in the 3DS version

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    OK dude.

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    Nah they need to possibly make a sequel now plus I want Dynasty Warriors 9