IMG_4293 A Legend of Zelda anime series is something that the Zelda community has desired for a very long time. But what if instead of an action-packed serious anime based around our blonde hero, we got a comedy based anime that followed the red, green, and blue Links from Tri Force Heroes? No need to imagine it, animator CharlesCBernardo gives us a taste of the hilarity that could ensue in his fan animation “The Legend Of Zelda – Tri Force Heroes – Ambitious Trinity.” In the five minute clip, the Links discuss what keeps them motivated and get into a duel with both Moldorm and each other.

The story ends with a shocking twist that shouldn’t be missed, so check out the video after the jump!

The dynamic between the Links in this video is precious, I’ve always liked the idea of the different Links interacting– especially the ones in Four Swords Adventures being whiny kids, getting into petty fights like the Links in this video did. This reminded me of another YouTube comedy series called “Four Swords Misadventures,” only that series is a bit inappropriate and not as well put together, the shenanigans and emotions are on par. Speaking of Four Swords Adventures, Purple Link sure was a sight for sore eyes, a well implemented plot twist if I do say so myself.

CharlesCBernardo is an animator who pretty much animates whatever he feels like. He publishes original content and a lot of Nintendo game parodies, from Pokemon to Kirby to Splatoon and more. He currently has six Zelda animations on his channel, one being another Tri Force Heroes parody titled, “Dress for Success.”

What did you think of this animation? Do you think the characters’ personalities fit their colors well? Would you like to see more animations like this one? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube