Amazing Fan Made Stop-Motion Zelda Animation

Youtube user Badwomen55 uploaded a video showing off his stop motion skills with a short animation featuring Legend of Zelda. The video is just under three minutes long and shows Link roaming a labyrinth in the exact style the first game in the series. Even though it closely follows one of the original eight-bit labyrinths, the video also includes many other characters that did not appear until later such as Epona, Wolf Link, the King of Red Lions, and Ezlo. Only this time they are recreated to resemble the eight-bit graphics of the level they are found in. The music is also taken from the original Nintendo Legend of Zelda but there are a few parts where you will hear other songs like the Song of Time or Epona’s Song. Jump inside to check out the video for yourself.

At first I had no idea what this was but after only a few seconds in I thought “Holy #@%& that is awesome!” With just paper, a camera, and some ingenuity he managed to recreate an original Legend of Zelda labyrinth. Only this video Not only did he come up with eight bit versions of later series characters like the King of Red Lions, but invented his own interesting traps and puzzles worthy of the series as well. Looking around he also was good enough to record a making of video showing off how this was accomplished. The text for it however is only in Spanish.

So what do you think? Impressed with the amount of effort placed into this video? Did he leave anything out? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Youtube

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