The Adventure Of Link Turns 28

The Adventure of Link turned 28 today. Yes, that’s right. Everyone’s favorite Zelda title crawled forth from the abyss of Hell more than a quarter of a century ago. Since then, it has tormented many fans who thought it was just another Zelda game to beat.

Released on January 14, 1987, in Japan for the Famicon Disk System, The Adventure of Link changed things up compared to the original Legend of Zelda title that came before it. Whereas The Legend of Zelda was played by looking down on Link from an overhead angle, its sequel featured an over-world map and a side-scrolling combat system.

The Adventure of Link was also notable for incorporating many RPG elements like experience points, leveling up, and magic spells. Perhaps one of the most famous features to come from the game was Link’s downward stab (which is really more effective in Smash Bros. than anywhere else).

While it may not be the most popular Zelda game in existence, The Adventure of Link does have a very dedicated fanbase that argues for its place among the top titles in the series. Most of the game’s detractors seem to have at least one similar complaint. . . it’s just too damn hard.

[Editorial note: The Adventure of Link is most certainly not my favorite Zelda game. I agree it’s difficult, but it’s also very unique as far as Zelda titles are concerned. Either way, I wanted to put together an article wishing the game a happy birthday.]

What are your thoughts on The Adventure of Link?

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