mqdefaultZelda fans are always coming up with creative ways to wear their favorite franchise on their sleeves, but how about wearing it on their nails? Well, YouTube nail artist MaGa DollieLife has found a way. Though she’s not the first to do Zelda nail art, her art is unique in that she uses acrylic nail polish and the designs are 3D! MaGa DollieLife lays out the steps to creating a 3D acrylic nail art Triforce, Toon Link, and Ciela the fairy from Phantom Hourglass in her engaging DIY video.

Needed tools: napkins, acrylic nail brush, monomer liquid, acrylic powder (clear, black, white, green, beige, yellow, blue, silver, and light blue), gel polish top coat, black gel polish, nail dotter, LED gel lamp, 91% rubbing alcohol & lint free wipes.

This may be hard for fans who don’t normally use acrylic nail polish to recreate because of the different colors, shaping tools, and curing equipment necessary for duplication. Nevertheless, the designs are charmingly simplistic and MaGa DollieLife makes designing with acrylic polish look much less daunting than usual. MaGa DollieLife posts new 3D acrylic nail art and polymer clay accessory videos every Sunday.

What do you think about these 3D acrylic designs? Anyone going to try to recreate these? Planning to ask someone at a local nail salon to attempt it instead? Did this video inspire you to take up acrylic nail art? Share your experience and ideas in the comments!

Source: YouTube

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