The Super Guitar Bros are well known around the internet for their excellent acoustic guitar covers of video game songs. The duo has covered classics from the Final Fantasy series, the Super Mario series, and, perhaps most importantly, the Legend of Zelda series. After a year away from YouTube, the Super Guitar Bros have returned with a full album inspired by the music of Ocarina of Time. This acoustic cover album is available now on Bandcamp, in both digital and physical forms.

Steve Poissant and Sam Griffin of the Super Guitar Bros recently released Ocarina of Time, a full acoustic cover album featuring songs from the Zelda game of the same name. This 25-track album features most major tunes from the Nintendo 64 title, including “Gerudo Valley,” “Kokiri Village,” and “Lost Woods.” There are a few songs left off the album, such as “Goron City” and “Forest Temple,” but those that are included are certainly well-suited to the Guitar Bros’ style.

The Super Guitar Bros recently uploaded a tongue-in-cheek infomercial-like video to promote the album, which you can watch above. The full album is available now on Bandcamp right here. You can download a digital version for free (or you can name your price), or you can purchase a physical version for $10 USD. The physical CD features Ocarina of Time‘s Medallion designs and comes in a swanky cardboard sleeve.

Be sure to check out the Super Guitar Bros’ Bandcamp page and YouTube channel for more great music. I’ve been a fan of the duo for several years, so their music is a strong recommend from me.

Are you a fan of the Super Guitar Bros? Do you plan to download their Ocarina of Time album? Let us know in the comments section below.

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