Apparently we’re not the only ones celebrating Christmas this time of year. It looks like the people of Hyrule are celebrating the holiday themselves, namely Ganondorf. He only has one item that’s on his Christmas list this year and he decides to tell everyone exactly what it is that he wants by singing his request to the tune of song that we probably hear a lot this time of year.

If you want to see what Ganondorf wants this year, please take the jump.

I really like the video and I find that this particular version of the song sticks better in my head that the original does. I like how the artist brought in the other villians from other Zelda games. Unfortunately though Ghirahim isn’t one those and the reason being is that this video was made long before Skyward Sword came out, let alone had a name.

I don’t think Santa’s willing to let Ganondorf have the Triforce though. When you consider his long streak of being a bad guy and causing chaos I highly doubt that he will get his request. Looks like Ganondorf is going to get coal this year! Poor guy…

Source: Youtube

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