3DS_Zelda_scrn04_E3resizedChances are you’ve already gotten your hands on a copy of A Link Between Worlds, and who here wouldn’t? Well, just in case you haven’t, or you’re thinking of getting A Link Between Worlds for someone for Christmas, Amazon and Walmart are offering the game for a little bit cheaper than what it’d normally run you. Don’t worry though, it’s not a ridiculous deal that’s going to make you regret purchasing on release day.

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The below Tweet from Cheap Ass Gamer reveals where you can get A Link Between Worlds for $34.96.

If you like Walmart, you can grab it on their website, here. It importantly states that your copy will arrive before Christmas. However, for the same price you can get A Link Between Worlds on Amazon, and if you have Prime, you’ll get the game shipped free in just two days.

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Source: Amazon, Walmart (via Cheap Ass Gamer)

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