srThis image shows a brand new item, soon to make its first appearance in A Link Between Worlds this November. While the artwork for this item had already been released, it’s identity had remained a mystery; until now, that is. Upon some simple file property analysis, the name of this item has been revealed. Possible spoilers up ahead, folks!

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So as you can see, the item is called the sand rod. We can be nearly sure that this is the official name of the item, as other photographs matched up to their respective official titles. The capabilities of the item are currently unknown, but one can’t help but notice its similarity to Spirit Tracks‘ Sand Wand.

I personally don’t believe this item is going to be similar to the Sand Wand, as I don’t feel that item left much of a lasting impression on me. What I do think this confirms is a desert dungeon or sand temple of sorts for A Link Between Worlds, which could be very exciting.

But what do you think about this new item? What does it even do? Leave your speculations in the comments below!

Source: Link’s Hideaway

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