A-Link-Between-Worlds-LogoAfter it recently transpired that the UK-only musical chest pre-order bonus for A Link Between Worlds was in fact not available, retailer GAME took to Twitter soon afterwards, saying that they were “working with Din, Nayru & Farore to bring you something special”. This special item as it turns out, is another UK-exclusive in the form of a special edition of the game, which comes with two exclusive items and even a download code for another Zelda game. Hit the jump to find out more.

albw special edition

The special edition consists of four components:

  • A boxed copy of the game
  • Zelda musical cartridge chest
  • A glossy exclusive artwork poster
  • Digital download code for Link’s Awakening

The special edition costs £49.99 (around 80 USD) and is a GAME UK exclusive, so unfortunately we don’t know for the time being whether other territories will be receiving anything of this nature just yet.

Personally, as a British Zelda fan, I am very excited for this bundle. The bonuses certainly do sound enticing, and the surprising addition of the Link’s Awakening download code is a nice addition, although fans purchasing the bundle who have already played or downloaded the game on their 3DS consoles would no doubt consider it an unnecessary addition.

But what do you think? Will you be purchasing this if you’re lucky enough to live in the UK? Do you want something like this to be available for purchase in your country? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: GAME

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