Even though Nintendo seems to be doing poorly financially speaking as of late, its latest quarterly report for the third portion of the 2013-2014 fiscal year shows that The Legend of Zelda saga is doing quite better—we’re talking, more concretely, about the latest entries The Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds. We were aware that they were quite popular titles, although the actual figures may surprise you. Read after the jump to find more about this story.

While The Wind Waker HD is just a remake from the GameCube times, it sold extremely well—for a Wii U title, at any rate, selling more than one million units. Given that it was released in October 2013, those are pretty good figures, but get even better when you consider the poor sales of the Wii U per se—only 5.86 million units have been sold so far. This would mean that approximately one in every six Wii U owners bought a The Wind Waker HD copy, and that number is bound to rise with the upcoming announcement of the Zelda U we have been waiting for.

A Link Between Worlds fared better, a fan favourite that was incredibly popular even before it was even released. This title has managed to sell no less than 2.18 million copies… In less than two months. Not only did this game do better than its home console counterpart, but has, in that small span of time, sold almost more than a fourth of the units Ocarina of Time (for the N64) sold over its lifetime. What’s more impressive, it has sold more than half of the total copies Majora’s Mask sold over its lifetime, and that’s the title that won Zelda Versus 2014. Does this mean that A Link Between Worlds will dethrone all other Zelda titles to become the king of the franchise?

So what do you think this means for the future of Nintendo? Will this help them recover from the Wii U fiasco? Will they use the game models from both these games when they are planning new installments? Please tell us your opinion on the comment section.

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