NOTE: This Walkthrough will cover, each and every Heart Piece, Item, Boss, and everything else.
From just outside the Skull Woods, head down a screen into the Village of Outcasts. GO left until there is a path that leads down. Head down, and down some stairs. You will notice a statue of a Gargoyle. Head right under it and pull on the pitchfork to reveal the entrance to Gargoyle's Domain. The dungeon also goes by the names Blind's Hideout and Theive's Town.
The first part of this dungeon consists of four large rooms that make up a huge square. Jump down and kill the enemies here.
Head up and left and open the treasure to get the Dungeon Map. Head all the way to the right and then go up into the next room. Just take the first right here to the next screen. Take the first right again to go down a room.
Head down and climb the ladder here. You will see a treasure chest. Head left, down, and around to get to the chest. Open it to get the Compass.
Jump down just to the left of the compass and head left a screen. Open the chest here to get the Big Key. Head back right a screen. Head right until you can go up. Head all the way up to the next room. Head up and up the ladder here. Head right and up and go through the locked door at the top.
Head all the way to the top. lift the pot on the top-right to get a Small Key. Head towards the bottom and go through the locked door on the left. Make your way left a sceren killing the enemies if you wish. You can use magic powder on the anti-fairy if you would like a fairy. Afterwards head left a screen. Make your way all the way avoiding or killing the enemies and head up a screen.
Lift the pot in this room to get a small key. Before going through the locked door at the top, turn the orb to blue and then headup the stairs.
Lift the pots at the bottom-right. There is a switch under the pot in the corner. It will open the door on the right. Head right a screen.
Head right two screens avoiding the enemies here. Kill the three enemies in this room. Lift the pots for some bombs. Open the chest at the top-left for even more bombs.
You can tell that the floor where the light it shining on is crumbling. Throw a bomb onto it to completely crack the ground allowing sunlight to get to the floor below. This will be used in a little while. Head back left three screens and then back down the stairs at the top.
Head down a screen keeping the orb on blue. Head right through the door at the top-right. Kill the enemies and head right a screen. This room is annoying with the enemies, the spikes, the hole in the middle, and the moving floor. For now just head down the stairs at the top. Lift the rock and head down a screen. Head right a screen. Kill the enemies and head all the way up through the locks and talk to the girl here and she will ask if you can take her outside.
She will start to follow you around. Open the chest to get a small key. Head back down and head left two screens. Pull out your hammer and quickly go through the door on the left.
Smash the moles here and open the chest to get the Titan's Mitt. Head back right a screen before the floor traps you in. Head all the way to the top and right a screen. Head up the stairs.
Lift the pot at the top-right and step on the switch to open up the door on the right. Go through it and then head up into the Boss Room. Light is shining down from above where Link blew up the grond with a bomb. Walk so the girl is in the dark. She will say its to bright and then turn into Blind, the boss.
Keep hitting Blind in the head right your sword. If you have full power it is simple because you can shoot our your sword at him. His head is easy to hit when he moves to the bottom. After a couple of hits his head will come off and spin around the room and he will grow a new head.
Try avoiding the head that is flying around and strike the head on his body. After another couple of hits his second head will come off and float around. He will grow a third and final head. After a couple hits to this head, he will be defeated.
Grab the full heart container that is left for you.
Also grab the crystal and listen to the maiden as she talks about the Knights of Hyrule, and how Link can defeat Ganon. Afterwards you will be transported to just outside of the dungeon.