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Blind the Thief is a charachter and dungeon boss featured in A Link to the Past.

Blind the Thief resides in Gargoyle's Domain, also known as Thieves' Town, a dungeon found within the Village of Outcasts. Blind is originally disguised as a maiden which Link rescues from a cell within the dungeon. Upon being rescued he will follow Link around for the remainder of the dungeon. Blind, disguised as a Maiden, asks Link to take him outside. If Link tries to take Blind out the main entrance to the dungeon, Link is stopped and told not to go this way. Blind strongly resembles Stalblind from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, both in name and appearance. A man in Kakariko Village tells Link that his house was once Blind's hideout, so it's likely that Blind lived in the Light World once.

Link will need to blowup a hole in the ground on the top floor, causing light to shine down into the Boss room. When Link takes Blind into the boss room and exposes him to light, his true form comes out and the boss battle begins.

Boss Strategy

Blind will hover around either the top of the screen or the bottom of the screen, alternating, and shoot laser beams at Link. His head is the weak point and can be damaged with the sword. After a few sword hits, his head will split from his body and float around the room shooting beams at Link. A new head will grow from Blind's body and the battle will continue as normal, except with the original head flying around the room shooting beams. After taking more damage, the second head will split like the first one, and a third head will appear on Blind's body. After a few more sword strikes, Blind will be defeated.