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Well, we’re another week closer to the start of the Black and White League on May 21st, and I think it’s about time we told you guys about another of out Leaders! Today’s Leader is a veteran of the League, and I can personally tell you that he is looking forward to challenging all of you!


Now presenting Gym Leader #9 of the ZeldaInformer Black and White League: Ewh1995(a.k.a. Me)! I have a history with the ZI League from it’s beginning. I initially joined as a challenger, brought in to the League by an advertisement on a Pokemon news site. From there, I gained many badges, and was promoted to Elite Four Member after I won 7 badges. However, I have moved down to the Gym Leader #9 spot of my own choice. My new theme for the Black and White League is “All-American”. It consists of any Pokemon that are Red, White, and Blue, have an American reference in their Pokedex, or can be connected to an American icon. My mascot will be Braviary, the ultimate American Pokemon Mascot(sorry Honchkrow), and I will be having Single battles. I will not be available for challenge until the Challenger has won 5 badges, so be sure to work hard and have fun!

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