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With the May 21st start date fast approaching, it’s about time to get started in our Gym Leader Countdown! In the coming weeks, I will reveal the identities and themes of the ZI BW League Gym Leaders and Elite Four Members. The revelations will be slow at first, and they will come more quickly as we draw nearer to the May 21 launch.

Candy Showcase Large.png

Now presenting Gym Leader #2 of the Zelda Informer Black & White League: Candy! Candy is a new competitor who joined near the end of the previous Pokemon League. Now she has offered her battling services to us as our Second Gym Leader. Candy runs a Celestial theme, which is more or less a Psychic theme with a souped-up name. Her mascot is Cresselia, the Lunar Pokemon. Candy is one of the Leaders who will be available for battle at the very beginning of the League, but don’t underestimate her because of her early placement. I have lost many battles to her, including against her new Celestial team. Be sure to come back next week, when another leader will be revealed here on ZI!

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