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This week we have arguably the fullest slate of news to discuss in the history of this podcast, in large part thanks to Nintendo deciding to drop bombshells this past week. This leads into the discussion of Nintendo’s greatest flaw, plus… what is this? Pokemon on Zelda Informer? Yes, we have a theory to talk about! Due to the sheer amount of stuff to talk about this week this will be our longest podcast to date (and think, an hour of conversation was cut out!)…

Thanks again to Brandon and Logan for being awesome fans! If you wanna submit your own fan/cover art, theme song submissions, or topics be sure to email us at This week we discussed our reaction to the Nintendo Direct and Nintendo’s reaction to the controversy surrounding their idea of Limited Edition. Thanks to Muse-kr for the Skyward Sword Artwork.

Comment Topic of The Week: Ideas for a more interactive podcast?

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