Our friends over at the Zeldathon are hosting a 48-Hour Zelda Marathon, or as they call it, the Zeldathon Quest. The Zeldathon team usually runs two marathons a year, one in the summer and one in the winter. However, this year they are doing things a bit different as they will be hosting two summer Zelda streams… the first of which starts TODAY! Be sure to head on over to Zeldathon to check it out, or jump in to find an embedded video, along with some sweet information about a Zelda Dungeon – Zeldathon collaboration coming up.

The Zelda marathon that is beginning today is a 48-Hour Zelda marathon in which they are going to be playing through several Zelda games including, The Wind Waker, one of the Oracle titles, and a special Ocarina of Time race. They will be taking donations with a goal of reaching $1500 for a friend in need.

The big marathon that they will be hosting is set to begin on July 18th and run for 96 hours straight all the way through July 23rd! What makes this one even more special for us here at Zelda Dungeon is that I will very likely be attending this Zelda extravaganza! That is right, I will be making the trip out and joining the Zeldathon team for what will be the next official Zelda Dungeon live stream! I will bringing along some of my Zelda expertise, as well as my Phillips CD-i and the dreaded Zelda CD-i titles. That’s right, if you missed the chance to see the three different Live Streams we hosted of Wand of Gamelon, Faces of Evil, and (gulp) Zelda’s Adventure, you’ll likely have another chance to see those games in action.

Additionally, you’ll be seeing a whole bunch of Zelda goodies such as a full play through of almost every single Zelda game in existence! We’ll have more information as this comes up, but until then, be sure to head on over to Zeldathon’s current marathon.

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