Zeldathon does a two or three live streaming events a year where they play through as many Zelda games as they possibly can, including non-canon releases like the CD-i titles and side games such as Hyrule Warriors. Their goal? To raise as much money as they can for charity – 100% of all donations go to the given charity they are supporting at that time. They typically stream for 3 or 4 days straight. Having started yesterday they made there way through a number of games already and at the time of this post are currently working through Hyrule Warriors. They are raising money for Charity: Water. This charity works towards providing clean drinking water to over 700+ million people who don’t have access to it – typically in 3rd world countries such as Ethiopia.

You can watch the stream live above, or check it out over on their website. If you want to help support the cause you can donate right here.

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