Next week, our friends at Zeldathon are once again launching a marathon playthough of every single Zelda game. Beginning on June 19th at 4 PM Eastern, the Zeldathon Deluxe live stream will be raising money for charity as it moves its way across the Zelda franchise. This summer’s Zeldathon promises a new “deluxe” system that will upgrade scheduled games as donations are made. The newest Zeldathon Deluxe trailer explains this new system and gives us a taste of what to expect when the marathon starts.

Zeldathon Deluxe will feature playthroughs of every game in the Zelda series, including a few spinoff games like Hyrule Warriors and (shivers) The Faces of Evil. Previous Zeldathon events featured an “Adventure System” which unlocked games to be played in the marathon through donations raised. As more money was raised, more games were unlocked for the marathon.

Next week’s event will revolutionize this system; in addition to unlocking games, donation goals will also unlock certain upgrades to games in the schedule. For example, with enough donations the marathon will feature such things as 3-heart runs, hero modes, HD and 3D options, and much more. The more money that is donated, the more interesting the playthroughs will become. So far over $5,000 USD has already been raised, meaning the marathon will kick off with a Hero Mode run of Skyward Sword.

Zeldathon Deluxe is raising money for charity: water, an organization dedicated to bringing clean and safe drinking water to the entire world. Past marathons have raised over $45,000 USD for this cause and next week’s event aims to raise even more.

Zeldathon Deluxe kicks off June 19th at 4PM Eastern and will run through the following week. You can see a full schedule, view the list of donation goals, and donate right now at their website.

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