Zelda Wii Leak

First off: let me say I am happily surprised at catching ourselves and taking down a post after an hour, somehow coudn’t slip the post by anyone. Zelda Wii is a very hot topic, and I don’t want to misinform people. Thing is, this image above is 100% fake. It was claimed by a fan of ours from Japan to be from an idea gathering at Nintendo for the next game. While it could, technically, be true it was for an idea gathering, that gathering would have been for Twilight Princess. Outside of the fact our photoshop experts pretty much state that this is nothing more then a crappy made up photo, every single character is a model from ripped from the game. So yes, it’s fake. Understand why this post was originally taken down now? We hate to give people false hope. Stay tuned, as later today I discuss the finer points of the rumors that have surfaced in the last couple weeks.

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