Zelda Wii

We’ve been speculating for awhile now that there would be a demo of Zelda Wii at E3, and according to the “floor plan” it looks like Zelda Wii is going to be a featured part of Nintendo’s booth, which all but confirms that a demo will be present. While Nintendo has refused to comment (like always), I am now willing to bet my ownership of this site to anyone out there that Zelda Wii is going to have a demo on the show floor. The best part? We’re going to be right there, along with VGRC, to give that demo a whirl. Of course, we’ll hopefully get a little bit of face time with Metroid: Other M so we can show Metroid Wiki a little love as well. Either case, Gamespot has released the floor plan and it has some other exciting tidbits of information. As always, nothing is official and plans can change at any moment, but all signs point to hands on time with our favorite franchise. Stay tuned in to Zelda Informer and VGRC for all of your E3 coverage.

P.S. VGRC released an interesting article: Top 15 Games in Dire Need of a Sequel that happens to mention one of my favorite games, Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Too bad Rare is almost as bad as Sega these day.

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