Zelda Music = SCIENCE

“Oh yeah. Nature is so our b***h.” -Ovinophile, a Youtube commenter.

So here we have a couple of machines. The machines create lightning bolts. The lightning bolts create music (Oooh, ahhh). The metal things you see and hear above are called Tesla coils, and they create high voltage, high frequency alternating current electricity. Basically, the bolts of electricity emitted can create different tones. This clip is brought to you by Megavoltmeister of Youtube. Interesting stuff. Jump in for more and some other unorthodox musical instruments.

From “TheGeekGroup” of Youtube, here is the Tetris theme song.

Now we have the Mario theme song… why, from an RC Car and an obscenely long line of wine bottles of varying levels of liquid of course!

Ahh, Epona’s Song, music to fall asleep to. So sit back… relax… and let ConquerEarth lull you to sleep as he wiggles his magical fingers over a couple of antennas. When you get back, do head on over to his Youtube channel for more Theremin fun. He plays Zelda’s Lullaby and… plays Super Mario Bros with the Theremin as the controller.

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