ZI Facebook Giveaway

Have you ever checked out our Facebook page? To be perfectly honest, we haven’t really payed that much attention to it in the past. Currently we have 1698 fans that get every one of our main page news and article posts in their Facebook wall feed. So we decided that it’s time to spice things up and take full advantage of social networking. What does that mean? Well, new daily Facebook exclusive updates, Zelda quotes, memories, moments, pictures – and most attractively of all – some giveaways!

When we reach 2000 Facebook fans, or “likes”, we will be giving away a copy of Skyward Sword upon release, and then, when we reach 5000 fans we’ll be giving away a Nintendo 3DS with a copy of Ocarina of Time 3D. How can you be in for a chance of winning? Well, first off visit our page, “like us”, stay up to date with our statuses and updates, and then when we reach the milestone figures we’ll make a post and all fans that comment on the status will be entered into the draw. It’s as simple as that, so get to it!

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