Technically speaking, despite what Jarvis claims, this IS a walkthrough, it’s just not a 100% walkthrough, as he points out. In general, all Lets Plays are walkthroughs, even if they are poorly done and made be people who have no idea how to play the game. Of course, neither of those issues are problems with this one. In showing you the pure beauty that is Zelda, he also goes on to show you how to beat the main quest, and some of the sidequests, in The Wind Waker. If you’re looking for a pure 100% walkthrough, no worries! We presently have a full textual guide under creation as I speak, so you’ll just have to wait for that to find all the help you could possibly want. Still, you asked for walkthroughs and as you can see, we are making “some” progress. Hopefully we’ll have a walkthrough page up for The Wind Waker within the next week, and we’ll keep you up to date as Jarvis releases new parts to our The Wind Waker Lets Play walkthrough thingy.

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