What a surprise, we have yet another live stream of someone playing Zelda. Why is it notable? Because our affiliate, Zelda Dungeon, is live playing Wand of Gamelon for the Philip’s CD-I. The player, Mases, has no previous experience playing the game, so he will be playing the game to completion for his first time live in front of all of his fans, our fans, and Zelda fans all across the internet. It should make for a fun and unique experience.

Throughout the cast they will have some live commentary from webmasters and the like across the web, and I have been asked if I wished to fill one of those slots. So at some point during the run, you’ll be able to hear me talking to Mases, and the people chatting it up, about Zelda and all the gloriousness that is Wand of Gamelon. It truly is a special event to behold! We will still continue our news posting as normal, but we will be keeping this post at the top just due to the rarity it is to see someone playing Wand of Gamelon live. This post will be kept at the top until the run is complete. The run starts at 11am Central.

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