ZD + ZI Forever

So not too long ago we sort of lashed out at Zelda Dungeon. It wasn’t pretty, and as is customary at ZI, we reached one of our low points. It happens. The good news of that post though is it did bring the issues to the forefront to finally get dealt with. In reuniting our sites via affiliation, you are seeing the complete end of the pissing contest.

Zelda Dungeon is the premier walkthrough site, and is presently the most popular Zelda fan site on the net. That is an amazing accomplishment. They are a great site with a great community, and now finally we can begin to work together as sites. Still, that doesn’t excuse our public out lash – we should of wrote what we did and sent it to Zelda Dungeon privately. We boiled over and overreacted. It happens, and we are sorry you guys had to all bear witness to it.

Either way, Zelda Dungeon and Zelda Informer have teamed back up and we couldn’t be more happy. We talked through everything, and we are letting the past be the past. Since this was such a hotly debated topic at the time we brought it to light, I will be enabling the old comment system as of this news post, but it will just as quickly get shut off if it is abused. We get it, REMEMBER ZORDIANA. It’s sort of becoming a meme on our forums these days. One step at time.

As for me being an ass, it’s true. I do tend to be full of myself and often times have little regard for those around me. It’s almost like a self defense mechanism that is very hard to shut off. I knew of the post going live, I approved of the post going live, and thus I am just as much to blame for the fighting between the sites as anyone else is. In fact, a lot of it was centered on me to begin with, so it is what it is. I’m an ass, and I promise I am working on it. Either case, we welcome Zelda Dungeon back to our affiliate list and are looking ahead to a bright future for this amazing Zelda Community.

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