Zelda Wii Artwork

Zelda fans, the image to your right is the first glimpse of the next Legend of Zelda title for the Nintendo Wii. It was originally revealed behind closed doors on Tuesday, but it has since been made available.

Looking at the artwork you can see that Link takes on a similar look as he did in Twilight Princess. He is holding his shield with the left hand, signifying that he will most likely be right handed in the next Wii adventure. Link also appears to be a bit taller than he was in previous Zelda titles, but these could be deceiving as we don’t really have much to compare his height with.

One thing that many fans quickly noticed is that Link is not holding a sword of any kind. There is some sort of spirit looking girl standing next to Link and speculation has already begun as to what roll this girl plays. She has a mixture of a Zora and a Fairy Spirit in her, but some speculation on the internet has labeled her as being the spirit of the Master Sword.

So what do you think of the first piece of Zelda Wii artwork? Be sure to head on over to the forums and comment on this first piece of artwork.

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