Breath of the Wild has been released for a little over a year now, and some would say it is the best in the franchise. Untraditional for a Zelda game, Breath of the Wild broke away from typical Zelda norms in its style of gameplay and story-telling aspects. The question lies that for the few of us who didn’t think it was outstanding, what can be improved? Dr. Wily, well-known for covering Nintendo games on YouTube, recently published a video that covers five things that would have made The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild the best Zelda game.

The video covers topics like lackluster side quests and the option to entirely disregard the main story. According to Wily, fixing such things could bring Breath of the Wild closer to the best Zelda game it’s sometimes held up as. Personally, I may not completely agree with every idea conveyed in the video, but I do think Breath of the Wild could be improved in some mechanics.

For me, the decision to take away specialty tools I thought was a mistake on Nintendo’s part. The Rune design is innovative, but for me, it doesn’t quite compare to the originality of items in other games. I do understand that with an open world game means that universal equipment is necessary. What could be added to fix this is one or two unique weapons which could make gameplay much more enjoyable.

Check out Dr. Wily dive deeper on his explanations in the video above. Tell us what you think would make Breath of the Wild a bigger better game in the comments below!

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