Most people who own a Nintendo 3DS hold it close to their hearts, especially if it’s a rare special edition, well worth keeping out of harm’s way. As such, fans will often long for a protective item that can be linked to a game or character they love. Pouches or travel cases are perfect for this, as they provide excellent protection, but are perfectly mobile as well, and as Zelda fans, it shouldn’t seem all too strange that we long for a Hyrule themed case.

Gamestop recently added a Zelda themed ‘adventure pouch,’ produced by game accessories company BD & A , to their long list of 3DS items up for pre-order. The name of the pouch doesn’t lie either; it is in fact modeled to look like a pouch that any incarnation of Link would use. The product details state:

True Zelda fans will love this universal DS carrying case. It comes complete with a detailed Hyrule Map peel & stick cleaning cloth, a legendary 3D molded Master Sword stylus and an iconic 3D molded Hylian Shield stylus. The faux leather exterior features the Hylian Royal Family Crest and a shining Triforce symbol as well as a snap-on belt loop. The interior has slots for 2 game card and 2 styluses and can hold the following Nintendo DS systems: 3DS XL, 3DS, DS XL, & DS. Carry your rupees in style and show the world you are a true fan.

A lot of thought seems to have been put in to this newest addition to the Zelda themed 3DS carrying case clan, and quite a few items are included. The product is currently scheduled to release on the 28th April, and costs $19.99. Will you be picking up this case? What do you think of its design? Let us know down below!

Source: Gamestop

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