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The guys over at Zelda Reorchestrated, who just 6 weeks ago completed their orchestration of the entire Ocarina of Time Soundtrack, have been hard at work and they have several new tracks now available. Two of these tracks are from the newest Legend of Zelda title, Spirit Tracks, and they include the Title Theme, as well as the Tower of Spirits Dungeon theme.

All five are great and in particular the Royal Crypt tracks stand out to me. That theme is one of my favorites from the game so it’s nice to see it high quality ZREO style. It’s always nice to see when some love towards the less popular Zelda titles, like the Oracle of Seasons, so I also enjoyed the Sunken City theme. Check out all five tracks below and tell us what you think in the comments. Songs after the jump.

Title Theme (Spirit Tracks)

Royal Valley (The Minish Cap)

Royal Valley Soundscape (The Minish Cap)

Tower of Spirits Dungeon (Spirit Tracks)

Sunken City (Oracle of Seasons)

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