Zelda-Mobile Is On Sale

Yo dawg I heard you liked Zelda so we put Zelda

If you’ve ever wanted to roll around town in a customized Zelda whip, then we have some excellent news for you.

Some of you may remember the 1978 Ford Fairmont that featured a paint job of the original Legend of Zelda‘s map; it was featured in Nintendo Power and a handful of various online news sites. A few weeks ago, it popped up on Craigslist with a surprisingly low $500 price tag.


It’s dangerous to go alone, ride this!

Apparently, the car is still in good condition, and he says the only reason he’s parting ways with her is because he got a new Prius. Yeah, I don’t know either.

He does say there are a few known issues:

– Power steering fluid has a slow leak and must be topped off every couple of months

– Dome light has short somewhere; we pulled the fuse to the dome light so that it does not drain the battery

– Connections to turn signals can be intermittent, common for Fords of this year. Been rewired twice

– Doesn’t have power brakes, but she was made that way and can’t really help it

– Hasn’t been driven for several months so needed a jump to get going last week

– Alternator light is always on- if there is a problem with the alternator you can tell by the way the turn signal blinking slows down- I replaced the alternator 2.5 years ago

But still, $500? If I was him, I’d at least try to get a couple thousand. He’s just a nicer guy, I guess.

Check full info here.

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