It is official: a press release by studio Analgesic Productions confirms that a sequel to the 2013 RPG Anodyne is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux this May. The game will be titled Anodyne 2: Return to Dust.

The game will include 2D dungeons (a la A Link to the Past), as well as 3D environments between which the player (as Nova the Nano Cleaner) will switch. To access the 2D sections, Nova must find characters in the 3D world, who are infected by Nano Dust, and shrink into their bodies to clean them. Once inside, the gameplay seems similar to A Link to the Past‘s dungeons, featuring puzzles and many enemies.

There is no need to play Anodyne in order to understand Anodyne 2‘s story, although it adds some value to the overall experience, as there will be connections between the two. Either way, Anodyne 2 looks like a game worth waiting for!

SourceAnalgesic Productions

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