Almog Rimmer

Associate Editor

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel
Favorite Zelda: The Wind Waker
Date Joined: May 2016

Howdy! Almog Rimmer here, and I am an Associate Editor at Zelda Dungeon. I come from the Mediterranean country of Israel, or more specifically Tel-Aviv. Ever since I was a child, I enjoyed (and still enjoy) playing video-games, my first one ever being Super Mario Bros. Deluxe on the Gameboy Color. You won’t find many people like me in Israel in the sense that almost 70% of the people here in the country don’t even play video-games, let alone know big names like Nintendo or Capcom. I really love rock and metal music, with bands like Guns ‘n Roses and Powerwolf representing each. Starting November 5th, I am attending university studying video game development and design.

My favorite Zelda game is incidentally my first one: The Wind Waker. First playing this game at the age of 7, I immediately fell in love with it. Sailing the Great Sea actually felt like I was going on an adventure myself, and it blew my mind. Ever since then, I kept track of the Zelda series, having the tradition to play at least one each year.

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