Hey there, Zelda fans. The second week of our Best Dungeon tournament has just finished up. Before ending the week on a high note with Twilight Princess — which currently has two big contenders vying for that top spot — we saw a variety of Zelda games step up to the podium. This week featured a few portable titles, such as the Oracle games and The Minish Cap, as well as the multiplayer title Four Swords Adventures. There was a lot of action this week and much more to come in our final week of Round 0.

Here are the dungeons currently leading in each poll (and some winners):

  • The Legend of Zelda: Level 9 (Death Mountain). Winner, polls closed.
  • The Adventure of Link: Great Palace. Winner, polls closed.
  • A Link to the Past: Turtle Rock. Winner, polls closed.
  • Link’s Awakening: Eagle’s Tower. Winner, polls closed.
  • Ocarina of Time: Spirit Temple. Winner, polls closed.
  • Majora’s Mask: Stone Tower Temple. Winner, polls closed.
  • Oracle of Ages: Mermaid’s Cave. Polls close October 9th. (Vote Here)
  • Oracle of Seasons: Sword & Shield Maze. Polls close October 10th. (Vote Here)
  • The Wind Waker: Tower of the Gods. Polls close October 11th. (Vote Here)
  • Four Swords Adventures: Temple of Darkness. Polls close October 12th. (Vote Here)
  • The Minish Cap: Palace of Winds. Polls close October 13th. (Vote Here)
  • Twilight Princess: Arbiter’s Grounds. Polls close October 14th. (Vote Here)

Be sure place your vote for each game before polls close.

Here’s some important tournament information:

  • If you receive a “Failed to Verify Referrer” message and you are logged in to a version of WordPress, try logging out.
  • We will post a new game’s voting page each day, Monday through Saturday.
  • Voting for each game will be open for exactly one week.
  • Every Sunday, we will post a wrap-up article explaining the results of the prior week.
  • Once voting pages for all 18 mainline Zelda games have been posted, there will be a two-week break before Round 1 begins.

See you next week!

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