As fans we may never get tired of playing Zelda games, but there are other games out there that can give us that definitive Zelda feel. In this video, YouTube theorist Dr.Wily takes a look at three different indie games (Moonlighter, Oceanhorn, and Tunic) that are very similar in nature to some of our favorite Zelda games.

Tunic and Oceanhorn look fun enough, but I think the more interesting game of the three would have to be Moonlighter. I’m excited to see what the game amounts to and just how similar it is to the Zelda series when it’s finally released.

What do you guys think of these Zelda clones? Which one do you think is more Zelda-like than the others? Are there any you are more likely to play, if not all of them? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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