Today’s fanart spotlight is from German artist Dion. This is an artist who has done some absolutely incredible fan artwork for the Zelda series, specifically Majora’s Mask, and is someone who I have wanted to feature more than once in the past. So today, along with looking at this newest remarkable creation, we will also be looking at some of Dion’s previous work as well.

Moonfall is a remarkable piece that perfectly reflects the raw power within Majora’s Mask, as well as the puppet-like control he has over the Skullkid. Using blocked shading reminiscent of the game’s official artwork, it’s the bold and limited color palette that pushes this work over the edge. The image seems to be taking place right at the moment of dawn breaking, the apocalyptic colors drenching not only the Skullkid, but the landscape. He stands there looking quite victorious while bright ember-like specks fill the air; it seems as though there is only moments left before Termina is destroyed.

And as mentioned before, here are some of Dion’s other Zelda pieces.

Did I mention that the last one was done completely with a ball point pen? Proof that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on supplies to create amazing artwork. Make sure to check out this fantastic artist on their DeviantART.

Zelda Dungeon Halloween Challenge
Is anyone out there planning on celebrating Halloween with some Zelda flair? Are you inspired to create a Zelda themed pumpkin, or make some home-made Poe sister Halloween decorations? Are you planning on dressing up as a Zelda character, or maybe you’ll dress the Hero of Time up in a bunny suit in a drawing? Whatever you plan to do, make sure to share it with us here at Zelda Dungeon!

You can send us your creation in by sending an email, leaving a comment below, leaving a visitor message in my profile or posting in the fan works section of the Zelda Dungeon forums.

I will be looking through DeviantART as usual, but those submitted to Zelda Dungeon directly will have top priority. Be creative! Your creations might just end up on the front page of Zelda Dungeon on Halloween Night!

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