New-ThemeIt has been over 3 years since the last time we revamped the site layout, but today I’d like to introduce the newest version of Zelda Dungeon. This much needed change makes several upgrades to the website, while also staying true to many familiar functions that you’ve come to love. It’s worth noting that during this transition period, there are quite a few lingering errors and edits that need to be worked out before the website has completely shifted to the new layout. We will be working throughout the day to get all pages converted over, and throughout the next few weeks to fully realize this change. For a full breakdown of all the changes with the new theme, go ahead and make the jump.

Three Layouts are Better Than One

If you regularly view Zelda Dungeon on your phone or on your tablet, this will certainly be the first change you notice. Zelda Dungeon now has three different display layouts and which layout appears will depend purely on your device and its resolution. Desktop and Laptop viewers who have the website maximized will be able to see the traditional Zelda Dungeon layout, including our upgraded game drop-down menus, making it even easier than before to access each walkthrough, smaller guides, and other game information with a single click of the button.

For tablet viewers with a smaller resolution, a second display format will appear. This will drop the elaborate hover-over navigation at the top of the website in favor of touch-based drop-downs, still providing quick links to all the game walkthroughs. Additionally, with the smaller resolution, the sidebar of the website collapses, giving a much wider view of the content area.

For mobile viewers, an even more compact display is now available. This still includes quick touch-based drop-downs that provide quick links to all the walkthroughs, but it also makes viewing the latest news and articles easy, even on the smallest of smart phones.

Walkthroughs on Mobile and Tablet

The brand new layout was designed specifically so that we can provide our game walkthroughs in a presentable way on your tablet and mobile devices. At the time of this post, all of the game walkthroughs are still using the old site format. Later today they will be adapted to the new layout. However, over the next few weeks and months, it will be our high priority to convert every one of of our game walkthroughs to the new format, which will make viewing our guides as simple as possible, even on the smallest of smart phones.

Zelda Dungeon Goes Green

Perhaps the most obvious change is the brand new display colors. Gone is the blue and white display that has been a staple for the better part of the last 5 years and in its place comes a green and tan display. While this is purely a cosmetic change, we reached the new choice in color display as we felt these colors still give off a professional look, while also closely tying in with the more prominent colors of the actual Zelda series.

Zelda Wiki Goes Mobile

The reoccurring theme is making the website completely mobile friendly and with this new layout, the wiki is no exception. When viewing any wiki-based content on a mobile phone, the phone will draw up the mobile-friendly theme, making it quite easy to read and navigate while on the go. Desktop viewers still have the luxury of viewing the wiki in its traditional format.

Forum Upgrades Coming Soon

With the brand layout also comes future changes to our community message board. In the coming weeks we will be upgrading the forum to some of the newest forum software available, which should bring much better accessibility and stability, which will make the message board a much more desirable place to have deeper conversations about the Zelda series with other Zelda fans.

All in all this was a much needed upgrade to Zelda Dungeon and its community and I’m more excited now about the future of website than I have ever been before. I’d like to give a big thanks to Tim Davila, a resident Zelda Dungeon fan and the architect of the newest Zelda Dungeon theme. Tim and I worked very closely over the last several months in first brain-storming ideas for the new layout and then tirelessly working through the stages of prototyping, developing, adjusting, and now implementing the brand new layout. He has done a fantastic job and if anybody is ever in need of website design help, Tim is the first person that will come to mind.

With all that said, I will now be shifting some of my focus with the website to the content area. While immediately this involves converting our game walkthroughs to a new format, this also includes revamping the front page of Zelda Dungeon. This comes in terms of functionality, as well as the quality of our front page content. I’m excited to share some of the changes that will be made in this department over the course of the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for your patience during this conversion.

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