Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Once the Zelda Dungeon Alliance is put into full circle with the launch of the next layout, we will be featuring content at the respective Alliance sites. However, we won’t just be featuring brand new content. Some of the Alliance sites have been in the community for a lengthy time period and have quite the collection of unique content. From time to time, some of this rare work will be featured at Zelda Dungeon just as any new content will be. Thus far North Castle and Zelda Classic have been announced as part of the Zelda Dungeon Alliance and this third website is an expansion of Zelda Classic. Welcome the 3rd alliance site, a current affiliate of Zelda Dungeon, PureZC.

PureZC, or Pure Zelda Classic launched in May of 2002 as a Zelda Classic sub site in way. At the time of launch there were several sites that had Zelda Classic downloadable quests and tile sets, but PureZC represented a site that wanted to feature massive fan games in a sense. Rather than just a fan submitting their fan game and it then becoming available for download. The fan games were an integrated part of the PureZC community and many now have their own section within the PureZC forum community. The area has grown and there are now 10 subsections dedicated to serious fan game makers and they have accumulated nearly 10,000 posts.

PureZC has developed its own collection of tools that can be used by an enthusiastic fan game maker. In addition to the near 200 downloadable fan made quests at PureZC, they also have over 60 downloadable tile sets and nearly 1000 loose tiles that can be used in your custom fan game. They also have nearly 300 downloadable music files that can be inserted in your fan game.

All in all, the PureZC website is a great complement to the Zelda Classic game builder. It is the definitive resource site for any fan game enthusiast and we look forward to featuring some of their great fan games that pop up from time to time.

PureZC Homepage
PureZC Downloadable Quests
PureZC Downloadable Tile Sets
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