Zelda Cosplay and March Artwork

This month’s North Castle update includes the addition of a brand new section at the website, a gallery dedicated to Zelda Cosplay. Cosplay is the act where fans dress up in costumes of all their favorite Zelda characters. There are 22 images of Cosplay available at North Castle from 4 different artists. Below is a listing of 4 of my personal favorites. Additionally, this months artwork update features 4 pieces of artwork from 4 great artists.

Wicked Ganon by Lilith Oya
Lamellar Link by NoMan
Courtyard by Robyn Greenbow
Midna by Serenity The Faierikin

Death Mountain by DM101OoT
Ilia by Lady Shadowlight
Chibi Din by Rebeca Orantes
Midna of the Twilight by Serenity The Faierikin

All 4 of the Cosplay images are really awesome, as are the featured artwork images for this month. If I had to say, my favorite Cosplay picture has to be the Wicked Ganon. I think it looks really well done and I love the pig nose. Of the artwork, I love the Chibi Din, just because I’m a sucker for chibi artwork. Hope you all like the images.

~ Mases
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