Nintendo has finally gotten around to making an update at Gone is Twilight Princess and in its place we’ve got a Phantom Hourglass look. Although there really isn’t much at the website other than the trailer, some screenshots, a few wallpapers, and basic news which we already know. The navi mouse over and the stylus are just add-ons that you always expect at Nintendo’s official Zelda website.

In site updates, I got around to adding to the next part of the Adventure of Link Video Walkthrough. Part 3b takes Link through one of the toughest parts of the game, the Death Mountain Maze. Link gets a new item as well as a Magic Container on his journey through the maze. Expect the last and final portion of Part 3 up in the next few days which will take you up to the entrance of Midora Palace.

On a side note, as of now my Zelda Dungeon YouTube account is just about to reach 200 subscribers. I’m really shocked of the popularity it is gaining in such a short period of time. Since there are other Zelda Video Guides guide run-throughs of some of the games on YouTube, but none of which seem to be as popular. Nonetheless thanks everybody for the support here and at YouTube.

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