Zelda Collectibles

Our friends at North Castle have made their monthly update and have a ton of new goodies for all of us. These include 24 new pieces of Fan Artwork of which below I’ve listed a few from some of the artists.

Princess Zelda and Vaati by CrazyFreak
Lanterns and Skulltulas by Christina Sanders
Curse of the Water Temple by Robyn Greenbow

All three pieces of artwork are nicely illustrated and you should check out. In addition to the artwork, there have been numerous fan fictions added, including brand new stories as well as continuations of ongoing stories. There is also a small update to the Zelda Collectibles section of the site.

The Zelda Collectibles highlights various collectible items that have appeared over the lifespan of the Legend of Zelda series. These items range everywhere from trading cards and action figures to hats and lunch boxes. A few personal favorites are listed below.

Phantom Hourglass Lunch Box
Legend of Zelda Baseball Cap
Link Windup Toy

Just to give a quick site mention of what’s going on. I’ve got some Twilight Princess content that I’ve been working on and finalizing as of late and the first pieces of content should be flowing in within the next few days. Until then, I hope you enjoy all the latest goodies from North Castle.

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