Update: Club Nintendo has been updated with some more information in regards to the Ocarina of Time 3D Soundtrack giveaway. This giveaway is only for residents living in the United States and in Canada. The game is set for release on June 19th and this is when the offer starts. Here is a quick summary of what was posted at the website. You can make the jump for some more information about the CD’s and the 25th Anniversary Concert.

  • 50 tracks from the game, many never before released.
  • 1 fully orchestrated medley specially recorded for the soundtrack.
  • Liner notes include new character illustrations created for the Nintendo 3DS release, and a special message from Mr. Miyamoto and Mr. Kondo.

It’s worth noting that the never before released part of the statement is likely only for North America. When Ocarina of Time released back in 1998, there were two different soundtracks that were released featuring the in-game music. The first was the Japanese soundtrack and it was a full 82-track CD with pretty much every single song in the game. The US release on the other hand was truncated, as it only had 35 tracks. Thus, I imagine some of the never before released tracks were songs that did release in Japan, but never released in the United States. Either way, the CD is free and it is an awesome collectible for any Zelda fan.

The one full orchestrated medley is clearly the one additional track that was orchestrated for the 3D remake. We posted about this track several days ago, so take a look if you don’t mind the spoiler.

All of this was announced at E3 2011 when Shigeru Miyamoto finally revealed part of the long awaited Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary project. Part of this project involves a symphony concert to tour a number of regions playing music from throughout the Legend of Zelda series. Beginning this fall fans can look to Nintendo for information on the specific dates.

Along with the music tour, two Legend of Zelda CDs will also be released. The first will be the soundtrack of the Ocarina of Time 3D which will be an official free gift to those who register their copy with Club Nintendo. There appears to be a limited number of CD’s that will be given out, so it likely will be a first come first serve type deal, so register now! The second goody will be released in conjunction with the release of Skyward Sword this Holiday Season and will include the music of the symphony orchestra.

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