Zelda 2008 Website

The recent appearance of a website entitled Zelda 2008 has been stirring up a lot of speculation throughout the community. Many speculate on whether this site is even official or not and if its a preview of an upcoming Zelda or just something fan made. You be the judge :


First off, I think if it even is official, I doubt a release of another console Zelda would be that soon. Secondly, the hylian text has been translated to, “Experience the Challenge of Endless Adventure”, which can be viewed at the end of the original Legend of Zelda.

Although these graphics look amazing, I don’t think the Wii has that much capabilities to support something that high of quality.

In conclusion, I think its just a fan made CGI project. But it would be very cool it if really was a preview for the next console Zelda, but I think we all may just have to wait for GDC or next year’s E3 for any kind of official previews.

Edit : I changed this to ‘community news’ since it is obvious its fan made. On a side note, expect some actual site updates from me very soon (like finishing up my TP guides).

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